Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L Review

Look And Feel


The front of the keyboard is very understated, there’s not even a cooler master logo anywhere on the front except… Oh! the Super keys are both sporting the Cooler Master logo instead of the usual Windows logo. Fair enough. There is not much to see here on the front, a no-nonsense design. This is really standard stuff here. The key-caps are standard full-depth, nicely rounded double-shot ABS. The key-caps are meant to last, just as with the rest of the design so far. Perfect. The lettering is also pretty standard apart from the Super keys of course. The font used for the key-caps is clear and professional. There are four keys above the numeric keypad, numbered P1 through P4. These will be used to switch between the various profiles. The outer encasing is tough plastic, it doesn’t catch fingerprints easily and the inner board is steel which explains the heft.

MasterKeys Pro L 1 MasterKeys Pro L 2

The encasing itself is the out of your way as much as possible, and the small bezels are subtly rounded, very slick. The keyboard body is rigid and wouldn’t flex no matter what I throw at it, metaphorically speaking. You could play baseball with this thing. Now, cooler master has done an excellent job so far but I would have loved to see dedicated media keys instead of adding them as a sub-layer activated by pressing down FN. Additional functionality is also mapped to keys F1-F12, more on that later. To introduce this functionality they have given up the menu key which is now FN key and only serves to activate the keyboard’s onboard features as well as the Media Keys which are a mapped onto Insert-pg down keys. The key-caps F and J are marked with a small bump to let you know when you are on the home row, same with Numpad 5. With the keyboard in its resting position we see that upper rows are slightly higher, the numeric row is higher than say home row or bottom row keys. And The function keys are slightly depressed back to keep them safely out of the way.



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