Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L Review


-Reviewed by Amar Singh

Cooler Master is known to make sturdy personal computer chassis. When I think of cooler master I think of the bad-ass behemoth that is HAF X, I used to drool looking at it. Now though people are more sophisticated and minimalism is a thing now. And so Cooler Master is completely revamping their product lineup to better suit the today’s business environment which does not just want performance but also sleek looks and functional design. As much as I would love to cover Cooler Master cases, today we have something else entirely from the same company trying to reinvent itself. We are looking at a product from cooler master, which they are less known for, cue Cooler Master keyboards, model Masterkeys Pro L. This is a keyboard built like a frickin’ tank with all of the check-marks, all the bells and whistles and RGB a modern keyboard would want. With that said let’s dive right in, head first.

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 Masterkeys Pro L 3


The Masterkeys Pro L is the latest offering from Cooler Master with a 104-key US-International keyboard layout. The version which I have in my possession is the one with the Cherry MX Red switches and of course the much acclaimed RGB LEDs, mechanical keyboard enthusiasts swear by Cherry MX. This is a good sign, CM isn’t taking any risks here. The keyboard is also offered equipped with Cherry MX Blues and Cherry MX Brown switches, as listed on Cooler Master website. It comes with a key-cap puller and a micro-USB cable inside the box. Mine is review sample which came after taking some rounds so it didn’t though I am not sure who might be responsible whether CM themselves or the reviewers in question. Seeing the board at first glance it becomes clear that CM is playing this safe, though it remains to be seen how many punches they pull.



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