Graphics cards pricing aren’t getting better right now

RTX 3080 Ti

RTX 3080 Ti

We have brought in front you the ongoing scenario regarding the price fall of GPUs a few days earlier. We reported multiple instances where the GPU price was constantly falling. The event that is contributing to this downfall is the fall in the price of cryptocurrencies.

However, a recent report published by 3DCenter conveys that the downward price trend for the latest GPUs from either Nvidia or AMD is not falling anymore and is currently at a static halt. The downward price trend began in mid-May 2021. Before that, we saw that cards from both the vendors reached as high as 3x over their MSRP.

However, according to the latest report by 3DCenter, the fall in the price is halted and till now the prices of Cards are 50% over the MSRP. Presently Nvidia GPUs are recorded with a 3% decrease over the previous pricing. Whereas AMD GPUs have witnessed a rise of 3% over the previous pricing.

Therefore the pricing for Nvidia GPUs is standing at 50% over the MSRP while the pricing for AMD GPUs is at 56% over MSRP. As of now, we are not aware of what exactly will be the price trend in the coming months ahead. Nvidia with LHR has already made an impact on mining. They have also raised the production of ampere based GPUs. Limiting the mining ability of the ampere series GPUs has led to a negative investment by the miners.

Therefore, even if the price is not declining anymore, but in the coming days, we can be certain the price will be falling. The reason for that is pretty simple. Where the availability will increase in comparison with demand, most of the GPUs will be available for gamers to purchase at MSRP.