How to Play a Dominoes Draw Game ?


Dominoes games are popular around the world and there are a variety of types of domino sets that can be used to play. Dominoes are played with standard or block games and the draw game.

Both games can be played with standard or double six domino sets consisting of 28 tiles but both games can be played with double nine or double twelve sets. It requires 2 to 4 players to play the game.

 There are multiple online games available and one of them is a dominoes game online. You can play it by downloading the gaming app which is designed on classic dominoes game online rules and it is a dominoes free online game.

It does not require you to buy a set of dominoes and the availability of other players. Various modes on dominoes can be played including classic dominoes games online.

What are Dominoes?


Dominoes is a tile-based game that originated in China often called cards. Each domino is a rectangular tile on which a line is marked with two square ends. Each end is marked with a number of spots called pips or dots. Some are blank.

The backs of tiles in sets are indistinguishable; they are usually blank or contain some pattern or common design. The gaming piece makes a set called a deck or pack. It is an interesting game and with dominoes game online you can enjoy playing dominos on your mobile while sitting anywhere.

Rules of dominoes game

Domino draw game is different from the traditional domino game online but it has its own set of instructions. Here we will see some Domino Draw game strategies and dominoes game rules basic:

1. Make a setup

– Use a typical set of double six dominoes.

– Decide who initiates the game. The player who has the largest double-side domino starts the game.

2. Initial Move

– The player with the highest double 6/6 will start first as an opening move. In case both do not have 6/6 domino then go for 5/5 and so on. The one with highest double will play the first move

3. Building the Layout

– Players take a turn by adding dominoes to match with an open end with a matching tile. Hence a layout is formed double end tiles are placed at 90 with lines marked on them and others can be placed at any.

– If a player does not have a domino that matches the open end he will draw a domino from the draw pile. If a draw pile can be played it must be played.

4. Draw two

– If a player plays a double they draw two additional dominoes from the draw pile

5. Scoring

– After each turn players add the pips on their remaining dominoes. The player left with no domino will win and then numbers counted will be rewarded to the player having no domino.

– If in case both have remaining dominoes then count the number of remaining pips of both players. The player with fewer points wins the round and the numbers are exchanged.  

– Two-player games end with 100-point sets or it can be played up to 250 points.

6. Winning

At the end, the player crossing 100 points or 250 will win the game and no domino would be left to play.


Dominos is a pleasant game that can be played even during social gatherings to keep everyone amused, and there can be a prize to be won that is not always money. It could be a wonderful treat that the victors will appreciate. The game is really enjoyable and with the dominoes game online you can play with friends and family members by sitting separately at their respective homes.