How to Survive Being Hunted in Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty warzone

Warzone on its own already has enough to worry about; talk more of when you have other players hunting you. Being hunted in a Warzone match is already an integral part of the game but is most likely on Caldera or Rebirth Island with Krampus at your tail. While this adds excitement to the game, it also makes you more disoriented. 

Well, this is not always the end of the road. You can survive it if you have the right set of information at your disposal. Read through this guide to learn how you can survive being hunted in a Warzone match. Additionally, it will help if you have the Best Warzone hacks and Cheats added to your tool kit.

Why do you get hunted in Call of Duty: Warzone

Someone picked a contract

There are many scenarios where you can get hunted in a warzone match, but contracts are the earliest. The bounty contract tasks an enemy player to hunt you down within a limited time. In addition to the satisfaction of killing an enemy, they also get a reward on your head. Such rewards could be cash and XP. Your approximate location on the map is indicated on your hunter’s Tac map.

If you placed yourself on Krampus’ ‘Naughty list.’

Another occasion where you’ll get hunted in Call of Duty is if you attracted Krampus. Krampus is a gigantic beast that randomly attacks players or teams for 3-minute durations before switching. You can land on the Naughty list by finding and collecting coals from Holiday Crates. To find such trees, you simply have to stand close to a Fir tree for a short while. 

These trees are indicated on your map and are usually located close to POIs. Your presence around these trees causes crates containing coal or other valuable items to spawn nearby. If you land with a coal-containing crate, you have an increased chance of drawing Krampus to your location. Don’t be scared of a surprise visit from Krampus; you’ll know when he comes for you.

Not playing the Objective

There is another Call of Duty game where you’ll enter Krampus – Vanguard. You just need to have the least objective score, and you can be sure of Krampus on your tail. His mission on Vanguard is to Punish you for not playing the objective.

Tips to survive being hunted in COD: Warzone

  • Keep an eye on your bar

Players often just run around in an attempt to escape their hunter when they discover they’re being hunted. Running from the threat is a great thing to do, but knowing where you are and how safe you are is important. 

There is a bar in your screen’s left corner. This bar serves as an indicator that tells you if your hunter is nearby or if you can still play the area safely. Paying attention to this bar, sometimes, will warn you if you’re running towards a threat instead of away from it.

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  • Never let down your guard.

Many players let their guards down when they notice on the bar that there’s no nearby threat. Doing this increases your risk of being taken unawares when you’re least prepared for the attack. If the threat is not imminent, stay at your current location.

Making any moves in any direction might just bring you closer to the enemy. If the threat is imminent, locate the closest vehicle, hop in, and drive away as far as you can go.

  • Avoid making too much noise.

The enemy has your location marked on their map. While they can get to your approximate location, they may not spot you immediately if you’re well covered. Scrambling around or making some noise will give you off.

  • Fight if you can

There are times when the hunter can turn out to be the hunted. This happens most especially if your team has better weapons or you have a full team. So, if you have up to 4 members on your team, there are chances you can fight back against your assailant. If you’re outnumbered, continue running until the time elapses.


Having someone at your tail in any match can be uncomfortable and frightening. But since you already got on that naughty list, there’s almost nothing you can do about it. Also, you can’t stop players from taking any contract they choose, including Bounty contracts. 

You must stay alive until the time your hunters were given to take you out elapses. If you think you stand a chance, fighting back can greatly benefit you. 

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