Microcenter are taking stricter steps to stop GPU scalping

GPU scalping

In the past few years, we have seen the unimaginable price hike of GPUs. One of the reasons for this situation is Scalpers. While many sellers or distributors are not even bothered about them. But there are some who care more about end-users rather than just thinking of selling the unit.

While surfing on Reddit, we came around a post made by a user named u/cubiclewarrior50, who posted a photo of a notice board outside a Micro Center store. The photo clearly says that any user who is about to buy a video card must provide a valid photo ID proof and the quantity will be limited to one unit/ customer for a period of 30 days.

GPU scalping

This kind of effort from a seller’s end is much appreciated as it will at least help some users to get their hands on their favourite GPU. We all are aware of the fact the GPUs these days are hard to get, especially the latest ones due to miners and shortage of chips.

Also, there are scalpers who are currently stocking them up and later selling them with a price tag that is 3 times that of the original MSRP. In the same post, we also see few other users who confirmed that they also put notice of their present stock so that users don’t end up waiting in the queue.

This kind of efforts from some sellers are really appreciable and we hope to see more sellers coming forward and joining the same cause, i.e., to make sure that there is a fair game being played with everyone.

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