Team17 releases The Unliving demo trailer, Early Access in 2022

The Unliving

The Unliving

Team17 and RockeBrush Studio released the demo gameplay trailer of the new RTG title, The Unliving. The game features a mixture of rogue-lite and real-time strategy gameplay where players control a necromancer to defeat the enemies and conquer the land.

The game features a powerful necromancer who uses black magic to wipe out the enemies. Players can wake up the undead enemies to join the team and fight as an unrelenting army. The game includes several levels and the demo shows a boss challenge where the mission is to escort an engorged undead ally to an objective.

Necromancer can either turn its enemies into obedient undead minions that will obey every command or he can sacrifice the undead to use powerful spells against the enemies. Each level will have different bosses with unique powers and fighting styles that require a strategy to conquer.

The game currently is available on Steam for Wishlisting and the Early Access will launch in 2022. No information is provided about the exact date of release. Watch the gameplay demo trailer below-

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