Intel ARC GPUs Achieve 11% Performance Boost in CSGO

intel arc a750

Intel ARC GPUs have received several boosts in the past few months mostly because of the updated drivers. This time, we got another big update for ARC GPUs that increases their performance on Linux OS.

As reported by Phoronix, this issue was fixed with the latest Mesa code version 23.2 which removed the root cause for bottlenecking gaming performance of ARC GPUs. This was essentially happening due to Linux Kernel, an interface that establishes a connection between the hardware and applications.

As explained by Linux graphics driver engineer Francisco Jerez, multiple bits including “Compressible Partial Write Merge Enable”, “Coherent Partial Write Merge Enable” and “Cross-Tile Partial Write Merge Enable” were getting clobbered during 3D context initialization but the latest update enables L3 partial write merging that increased the rendering fill rate by over 3X in some cases.

This resulted in a performance boost in a number of titles including Shadow of the Tomb Raider which saw a 5.5% performance improvement, whereas CSGO improved by 11%. The good thing is that there were no negative impacts seen so far and this update is a win-win situation for ARC GPU users who are using Linux operating systems.

That said, Phoronix added that it is going to test the ARC GPUs once again to see how much performance boost it can get with the new update,

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