How To Make Or Get Yarn In Tribes Of Midgard?

Tribes Of Midgard

Tribes of Midgard is a popular RPG survival game where you need to protect the Seed of YGGDRASIL in order to survive.

Every night new monsters will attack you and your village. So, in order to fight the monsters, you need to craft better weapons and of course better armor.

One of the best ways to make good armor using yarn but you will need to make it or get it from NPCs.

What Is YARN And Its Use?


A Fur

Yarn is an item created with Fur. Fur is obtained from animals such as wolves, rabbits, and foxes. It is best to obtain the Furs from Wolves that usually spawn near the highways when you start wandering on them.

So, to create your yarn, you will need to collect some Fur and usually, it takes about Four Furs to create a yarn.

After collecting enough Furs, you can use them for yarn production which in turn will be used in your armor to protect you against enemies.

How To Make Yarn?


A Yarn

To make a Yarn, you have two ways. You can either get it made by a Tinker NPC or you can craft it on your own.

Getting a Yarn made by Tinker NPC is quicker and but in survival mode, you can also craft a Yarn on your own.

To get Yarn made from Furs, you can also use Village Stations or simply visit Eyrun the Tinker who not only makes Yarn but several other tools including axes, arrows, and construction materials.

As soon as you get your Yarn created, make sure you spin it as some armors will require it later in the game. To create a spun Yarn, you will need both Yarn and Fur.

If you are in Survival mode, you will need to create Yarn using a Lumbering Stand. Then you will need to level it up to Level 2 and build a Tanning Stand.

How To Get Yarn Using Other Methods?


Another way to find Yarn in Survival mode is to go to the Ash Beach Biome. There you will find Unfrozen and Unsunken Warriors that provide you with Spun Yarn on death.

It is a much easier way to get Yarn by killing the Unsunken or Unfrozen Warriors and they are more effective than the Yarn made by Fur.

Crafting of a Yarn requires four Furs but killing the Unsunken or Unfrozen gives you 1-3 Yarns easily.

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