Build the best $1750 gaming pc for 4K ultra

This gaming PC has the best components right now present in the market. If you have looked over my previous builds you will find some of the components were not really the best for gaming but the processor and the graphics card I have listed in this build will definitely get you the best gaming experience. There is no game right now which demands specification more than this PC and it can max out everything at 4K. Yes, it’s for 4K not for 1080p or 1440p.

As the sixth generation, intel processors are the best for getting most out of your system and ddr4 memories are faster than the ddr3 memories. I have used only the latest components that will make it future proof and will enable you to add one more graphics card in future and upgrade or modify it easily.


Now if you don’t know how to assemble and setup your system or if you really want to get information about building a gaming PC from scratch, you can grab my guide from HERE.


Intel Core i7 6700K

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Intel Boxed Core I7-6700K


As tested by many techs, when the i7 6700K is compared to other processors like i7 4790K, i5 6600k etc. the i7 provides up to more than 10% fps in some of the games. Although i5 6600K is still the best gaming processor for the price but with i7 6700K doors are open for intense games and applications. The SKYLAKE architecture is the most power efficient and best gaming processor right now. Even if you go with i7 5820K, you will not get the almost negligible difference and in many games i7 6700K beats even the i7 5930K especially at 4K.

Perhaps if you are looking to game at 2160P then there is no processor other than i7 6700K that can give you that much performance. Combined with a high-end graphics card it will provide some serious performance. Also with 4 cores and 8 threads, you can do as much as gaming and as much intensive multi-tasking and if you overclock it then you can expect even more performance boost than the i7 4790K.

Cpu Cooler

Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2

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Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2


Unlike the Cooler Master, hyper 212 EVO which I have used in my $1500 build and $1250 build this CPU cooler is one of the best in the market. Be it an X99 platform or a Z170 platform, this cooler doesn’t suck. You can not overclock your Cpu stably to more than 4.2Ghz with a simple air cooler but this one will let you achieve up to 4.8Ghz for sure.

As the processor we chose is i7 6700K which is specially made for overclocking, you should definitely get this liquid cooler which has a big radiator with 2x120mm fans that are silent and give a good performance. You can expect a maximum of 55 degrees or less even with a good amount of overclocking on full load. On idle load, the temperature will remain between 20-30 degrees which are super cool.


Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 3

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Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 3


For the motherboard, Gigabyte Z170X gaming 3 is the thing which is in our budget and the best motherboard for price providing some very good features like Killer E2200 and Intel Gaming Networks. With Extreme Intel USB 3.1 Controller, it’s insanely fast and provides up to 32gb/s of speed. Other awesome features include Japanese audio capacitors which provide the best quality sound and Turbo B-Clock technology for overclocking the processor.

We just need 4 DIMM slots and at least 3 PCI-e x 16 slots, which we, fortunately, have in this motherboard. As for future up gradation good amount of slots and ports are required and in this motherboard, we can easily do up to 2 way Nvidia SLI or 3-way AMD CrossfireX. For connecting the hard drives and SSD’s, we have a total of 9 SATA ports out of which 6 are SATA 3 and 3 are SATA 2 which enables us to add several storage devices.

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Specs and Features:-

  • Supports 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor
  • Dual Channel DDR4, 4 DIMMs
  • Intel® USB 3.1 with USB Type-C™- the world’s next Universal connector
  • 3-Way Graphics Support with Exclusive Ultra Durable Metal Shielding over the PCIe Slots
  • Dual PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2 Connectors with up to 32Gb/s Data Transfer (PCIe & SATA SSD support)
  • 3 SATA Express Connectors for up to 16Gb/s Data Transfer
  • 115dB SNR HD Audio with Built-in Rear Audio Amplifier
  • Killer™ E2200 and Intel® Gaming Networks
  • High-Quality Audio Capacitors and Audio Noise Guard with LED Trace Path Lighting
  • APP Center Including EasyTune™ and Cloud Station™ Utilities
  • GIGABYTE UEFI DualBIOS™ Technology


Gskill Ripjaws V series 16GB

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Gskill Ripjaws V series 16GB


Memory for a high-end build like this should be 16gb. 8gb is fine but as our motive is to build a PC which is future proof, 8gb will only fulfil your need for about 1-2 years. 16gb of ddr4 memory is quite fast and enough for running applications and games at 4K and even on 3 monitors. You won’t be able to play games at 4k on three monitors but applications will run butter smooth.

As ddr4 memories are much faster and more power efficient, the power consumption of this PC won’t go higher. With 2x8gb sticks in your build, you will be still having 2 DIMM slots empty for upgradations. Therefore, no need of worrying.

Taking a look at the specs, these memories are the fastest you can get right now. Each of these sticks is clocked at a whopping 3200Mhz and I own these myself but in black colour. I chose the red coloured sticks cause it will match the motherboard. The default frequency when you will install these modules will be 2133Mhz which you can increase up to 3200Mhz from the bios. These are immensely fast and I guarantee you that you won’t regret buying these.

Graphics Card

Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Amp 8gb Gddr5X

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ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 AMP


The fastest graphics card on the planet is now the mighty gtx 1080. With Pascal architecture and Gddr5X memory, this one is the only card using the fastest type of VRAM. With 8gb of memory, it can max out any game at 4k and can play any game buttery smooth. I replaced the two R9 390X with this card as one single card having better performance than two cards is even better. The card not only is powerful than two R9 390X’s but also more power efficient.

The founder’s limited edition is priced at $699 although you will not get it anywhere less than $800. The prices are still not reasonable. But the ZOTAC Amp edition is priced under $700. Now talking about its specs the core clock of this card is 1683Mhz and boost clock is 1822Mhz which is greater than that of gtx 1070. With newer technology it’s faster, more power efficient and cheaper. This card is the dream for many and has a reasonable price to be compared to higher end cards like gtx 1070 and TITAN X.

With easily beating gtx Titan X(Non-Pascal) with a lot cheaper price, there is no reason to buy the Titan X now for a $1000. This card is best for building a high-end rig costing $1500 and above. Similar to the gtx 1070, it too supports two-way SLI. It beats the Titan X and gives a tough competition to the dual Gtx 980’s although it doesn’t beat dual gtx 980’s as claimed by Nvidia. But still, this is enough for a single GPU to do for $700.


Graphics cards rebates

Hard Drive

Western Digital Blue 1TB

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WD Blue 1TB Desktop


The 1tb hard drive is the minimum you should get and for a build like this frankly saying is the least you should opt for. As we will exceed our budget more than required I only chose 1tb of storage. As for storing games, applications and movies, you will have no trouble and you will not run out of space so fast. But in future, it’s better to upgrade to 2Tb or more. Otherwise, GTA V, Rise of the tomb raider, COD black Ops 3 etc. all can be put together.

Solid State Drive

Kingston digital 480Gb UV400

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Kingston Digital 480GB


For faster operations, an SSD is a must for a build like this. As you are investing a lot of money in graphics card and processor. Consider going with an SSD also, it is really worth the money. For the price of $125, you can get 480Gb of SSD which is 10 times faster than an HDD and also cheaper nowadays. It is best for installing an Operating system like windows in it as it decreases the booting time massively.

Although you will not get an increase in fps in games but you will find the difference between the loading time when you run the same game in HDD and SSD respectively. 480Gb may not be enough for storing a lot of games but it’s good for your system’s speed and you will not have to wait longer for applications to open up.

Power supply

EVGA 650W Supernova G2 80+ Gold

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EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G2


This is EVGA 650 watts Supernova 80+ Gold power supply. It has enough power to power the graphics cards, processor and all other components. Previously this build when used dual R9 390X it was too much important to get a huge power supply. But now Gtx 1080 is super power efficient and can run on a 600 watts power supply just fine. I replaced it with the 850 watts power supply as that was a waste of money and also cost above 150 dollars. But you may get that one also if you plan to SLI two Gtx 1080’s in future.

This PSU uses the highest quality Japanese capacitors and as it is 80+ Gold, the power efficiency is more than 90% and up to 92% at typical loads which will make it generate less heat. You will also get flexibility with choosing the only cables you want as this is fully modular making your build more neat and clean. With this power supply, you will get 7 years of huge warranty from EVGA.


Nzxt Phantom Full Tower

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Nzxt Phantom Full Tower
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For ease in assembling a high-end rig like this and for making your future upgradations as easy as possible, a full tower is the needed case for our build. NZXT provides some of the best cases we have seen in the market and this one is huge and supports a lot of components.

For doing two-way CrossfireX or two-way SLI, you will have no problem whatsoever and this case will easily support your graphics cards, motherboard, a lot of hard drives and SSD’s etc. From the outside and inside it’s completely red with black coloured latches and drive bays. But this case is also available in colours like white and black.

The case also comes with a total of 4 x 120mm fans at the side, top and rear for cooling but you can add even more fans at the top and the front and you can easily set up water cooling radiators for your CPU or graphics card. There is no component that cannot fit in this case and it’s bigger than the NZXT mid tower and supports several SSD’s and hard drives simultaneously.

Specs and Features:-

  • Immense Performance: 7 fan capability (Front fan 1x140mm, Top 2x200mm fan, Side 1x200mm and 2x120mm, rear 1x120mm)
  • Maximum Compatibility: Large Heatsinks, Graphics card support 350mm, and E-ATX support
  • Large Expandability: Space for 7 hard drives and five 5.25 bays
  • Five 20W per Channel fan control totalling 100W
  • Cooling Sytems: Front 1x140mm, Side 1x200mm, 2x120mm (included), Rear 1x120mm (included), Top 2x200mm (1xBlue Led 200mm included)

TOTAL~$1740(Including OS, Prices Fluctuate)

Operating System(Recommended)

Windows 10

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Microsoft Windows 10


A genuine operating system is necessary for a high-end build like this. You don’t want your build to be incomplete and un-updated. So better buy a windows for it as it will benefit you for lifetime. It’s under $100 and works best with intel Skylake builds. Although I prefer windows 7 for easy interface, But windows 10 has got some good updates and is very much compatible now with games and programs.



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  • What are your present thoughts on the upcoming RX 480 and its respective series of gpus?

    • Well I think rx 480 amd and lower powered gpus like rx 470/460 will create revolution. These gpu’s will prove to be the best budget cards to play on 1080p maxed out and can be a good option for people to build a high end rig without a gtx 1070/1080.I will be updating all my rigs as soon as they come to the market with reasonable price.