AMD is Working on more Ryzen CPUs, Ryzen 3 5100 and Ryzen 5 7500F Teased

ryzen 7500F

AMD is releasing even more CPUs in both Zen 3 and Zen 4 families. For the past few months, we have been seeing more and more CPU releases from AMD whether we talk about the Ryzen 7000 3D CPUs or even the latest Ryzen 5600X3D which is planned to launch today in Microcenter USA.

Now, 5600X3D won’t be available worldwide but three more CPUs are coming soon which might hit the retail stores very soon. One of them is the Ryzen 7 5700 which we saw a few days back and now AMD is planning an entry-level chip namely Ryzen 3 5100 that was recently seen on Gigabyte’s official website.

This CPU is currently listed under the X570 motherboards CPU support lists and we can see all of its specs being detailed in the table. It will feature 4 cores and 8 threads clocked at 3.8-4.2Ghz of frequency. The combined L2 and L3 cache size is 10MB and it will be based on the same 7nm process node as the other Ryzen 5000 CPUs. It is rated at 65W of TDP and of course, just like other Zen 3-based CPUs, it won’t feature any integrated graphics.

ryzen 5100

So, it is going to replace the Ryzen 3 4100 and I believe that it is going to cost below $100 considering the latest Ryzen 5000 CPU pricing. But things get interesting when we talk about the 3rd CPU which is the first of its kind from AMD.

It is the Ryzen 5 7500F which is going to launch this week for the AM5 platform. This is the first Ryzen 7000 CPU that won’t come without integrated graphics and this is what the F denotes in its name. While some are criticizing AMD for copying Intel but many are welcoming this naming convention as it avoids confusion.

ryzen 7500F

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This report comes from a Korean Retailer and we already have a few details about its specs. It is reported that this CPU will feature 6 cores and 12 threads while having its clock speeds 100MHz lower than the Ryzen 7600. Other specs are supposedly identical.

As for the price, it is reported to cost $10 lower than the Ryzen 7600 and that means it is going to cost somewhere around $200-$210. Ryzen 5 7500F is reported to be made using I/O dies with defective integrated graphics so that AMD doesn’t have to throw them away.

So, the CPU war is going to get fiercer than before especially in the sub $250 market where we have almost a dozen CPUs from both AMD and Intel that provide fantastic price-to-performance ratio.

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