Ryzen 5 7500F Outperforms Locked Core i5s from 13th Gen

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A few days ago, a new Ryzen chip called the 7500F was rumored to launch this week and it is the only Ryzen 7000 chip that comes without any integrated graphics. This report originally came from Tomshardware and according to Toms, it was only China exclusive but the latest reviews for this CPU just proved otherwise.

Not only this CPU has been launched officially but we also got some reviews from the Asian region. According to one of the reviewers, even though it is currently limited to a few countries, it is going to hit the market worldwide in the near future.

So, the original report from Toms was inaccurate but let’s see how the Ryzen 7500F stands against the already existing Ryzen 7000 processors as well as its competitors from the Blue Team.

Currently, we have three different sites that reviewed this processor and the first one here is Expreview which benchmarked the 7500F against the Core i5 13490F processor that is China Exclusive. This CPU not only boasts higher clock speeds than the 13400F but also brings more L3 cache.

When we consider the performance in CPU-intensive applications, the i5 easily outperforms the 7500F due to having significantly more cores and threads but when we talk about gaming performance, the 7500F is simply too much for the i5.

Expreview Ryzen 7500F benchmark

In around 10 games benchmarked at 1080p resolution, the Ryzen 7500F came out to be 10-15% faster regardless of the game and got another 1-2% performance boost with PBO.

In esports and non-intensive titles, the performance gap increased even more with some games reaching as high as 20% more fps with the 7500F.

Now moving to the second website which is MyDrivers, the 7500F was benchmarked against the i5 13400 and other higher-end CPUs.

Here, the 7500F easily annihilated the 13400 in almost every title with significantly better performance even though it easily lost to the 13600K in most games. However, once the CPU was overclocked to 5.6GHz, the tables were turned easily.

Now, the 7500F was able to beat the i5 13600K or was at least able to match its performance in most titles. As far as productivity goes, the i5 13400 was a little ahead of the 7500F even though it has more cores and threads. That could be due to its lower frequency and smaller cache size compared to the 13490F which was easily dismantling the 7500F in CPU-intensive loads.

And now considering the third review from Quasarzone, we have similar results where the Ryzen 7500F was around 14% faster on average compared to the i5 13400 in a total of 10 games where some games would see as high as 33% higher performance with the AMD CPU.

7500f vs 13400f

The results were also similar when the 7500F was compared against the i5 13500 but here the performance difference was just under 10% in favor of the 7500F.

And if we compare it to its bigger brother the 7600, it is roughly 2.6% slower on average. So, we can conclude that the 7500F is faster than the i5 13400, 13500 as well as the 13490F as per these benchmarks.

ryzen 7500f vs 7600

But the important question to ask is what’s its price. As per previous leaks, it was expected to cost $210 which is $10 lower than the current MSRP of Ryzen 7600 which I thought was pretty bad considering that the 7600 has an iGPU. But fortunately, this was a wrong speculation as AMD has decided to launch it for $179.

This means that if we go by the price-to-performance ratio in gaming, the 7500F is a much better choice over the Ryzen 7600, 7600X, 5800X3D and the locked Intel Core i5s from the 13th generation.

However, when we take productivity into account, the Core i5s are simply a better choice. One more thing here to note is that even though the 7600 is pretty awesome for gaming, it isn’t more efficient than the Core i5s.

In Rendering, it does provide more efficiency than the i5 13400 and 13500 but in gaming, the total power consumption is 20-30 Watts higher. This isn’t a big concern but still needs to be taken into account.

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