Ethereum soon to be independent of GPU mining

GPU mining

GPU mining

We are seeing a lot of positive news for gamers these days. Whether it is the availability of Intel Iris Xe GPUs or the hash rate limiter in the new RTX 30 series graphics cards, these news are better than being in the current state where almost none can find a GPU.

From the past week, cryptocurrencies are having a major dip especially Bitcoin and Ethereum which are the major currencies in the crypto market. Now the official Ethereum Foundation is on its way to make its currency independent of GPU mining.

Ethereum Foundation blog reported that it is about to switch to ‘Proof of Stake’ from the current ‘Proof of Work’. Right now Ethereum totally depends on graphics card power but it consumes a massive amount of power that can be compared to a city or a state. This is definitely not environment friendly and keeping that in mind, Ethereum is soon going to move to the new phase in the coming months.

If we compare the current PoW to the PoS, the latter is almost 2000% more power efficient and unlike the PoW, its total energy consumption is not something to compare with a country, state or city but to a small town. The reduction in the power consumption is almost 99.9% which is revolutionary and will make the availability of GPU better when the transition is complete.

Let’s hope that the transition to PoS comes into effect in a couple of months and also with the newly redesigned RTX 30 series GPUs that will feature LHR, the pricing goes back to normal or at least less than double MSRP.

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