Intel Iris Xe GPU now available in pre-built CyberPowerPC gaming PCs

Intel Iris Xe GPU now available in pre-built CyberPowerPC gaming PCs

Two weeks ago we reported that Intel is getting ready to launch the hyped DG2 graphics cards this year and while you wait for the very first batch of Intel graphics cards, Intel has already included the entry-level Iris Xe GPU with pre-built PCs on

The Iris Xe uses DG1 GPU that is based on Xe-LP architecture and is meant for entry-level gaming. So, don’t expect it to perform as DG2 GPUs. However, with no GPUs currently available on the market, we are having additional opportunity to buy something that is better than having nothing.

The CyberPowerPC pre-built gaming system here comes with an Intel Core i5 11400F processor that features 6 cores/12 threads and is installed on an MSI motherboard. Most likely it is an H510 chipset motherboard as i5 11400F is a locked chip. The system uses 8GB DDR4 RAM and 500GB SSD for storage.


From the pics, you can see that the Iris Xe GPU is a single-slot card that looks similar to an Nvidia Quadro GPU and it is not having any fan on the heatsink. So, the cooling will be done by the passive heatsink and it should be sufficient as the TDP of this card is less than 75W that makes it use power from the PCI-E x16 only.

Iris Xe uses 4GB of LPDDR4X memory and 80 Execution Units. This is much inferior to the DG2 GPUs but it is still adequate for eSports and Casual games at 1080p. This PC is right now available for $750 which is really a solid deal considering how much difficult it is to get a 1080p entry-level GPU right now. Also, you will get a free CyberPowerPC gaming keyboard and mouse combo and Webroot Internet Security with Antivirus with 3 months subscription.

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