DDR5 to takeover DDR4 by 2023

Avexir Raiden ddr4 ram

Avexir Raiden ddr4 ram

Very recently we received the news of getting a new Windows OS version that will replace Windows 10 by 2025. We also have received leaked information about DDR 5 memory units that are ready to hit the computer market.

However, in an estimated projection analysis by Yole Developpement, it is expected that DDR5 memory units will take over the whole market by the end of 2023. The transition from DDR4 league to DDR5 will be swift. It will start from the year 2022 and by the year 2026, it will completely take over the market.

As per the reports, DDR5 will have a 25% increase in adoption by 2022 and more than 50% by 2023. This shall leave DDR4 up to 5% in the market by 2026.

Earlier we have already seen much-leaked information about the DDR5 memory module. The memory modules will both be available in vanilla flavour as well as they will also be available with fancy heat spreaders and RGB illumination.

The DDR5 memory is going to be a huge upgrade over the present DDR4 memory architecture. The DDR5 memory modules will provide almost double bandwidth than the earlier generations. They will also operate in lower voltage than their predecessors.

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