Don’t buy Gigabyte power supplies, they are exploding

Gigabyte exploding PSUs
Gigabyte exploding PSUs

Image credit- GN

An interesting report from GamersNexus has come about Gigabyte’s GP power supplies. It came to light when several users including some Youtube tech channels reported that Gigabyte’s power supplies are going dead at arrival or after some time of usage.

The issue is not new and Gigabyte is well aware of it. Things got worse since Newegg teamed up with Gigabyte to sell the GPUs with Gigabyte power supplies as a bundle. This thing couldn’t be avoided which led up to many users complaining of dead graphics cards and mostly dead power supplies.

As tested by GamersNexus, 50% of the power supplies unit stopped working due to some kind of failure where mostly the cases were of sparking or of exploding attitude. This thing completely syncs with the Newegg reviews where 54% of the customer reviews were about the same issue.

When analyzed it looked like Gigabyte’s power supply units are using components from different OEMs in the same series and in some cases even in the models. These are mostly different branded capacitors that give an impression that Gigabyte has been trying to cheap out on components for gaining more profits.

The bad thing is that they already knew it and knowingly teamed up with Newegg to get rid of these units along with the graphics cards. This is unacceptable and a lot of users have already started boycotting Gigabyte power supplies.

As per the testing by GN, most of these units passed the Over Power Protection test just fine. After reaching 140% load, the 750W as well as the 850W units triggered the protection and shut off the PSU. The problem starts when the power supplies are powered on again failing on typical loads instead of 100+% loads.

It’s contrary to Gigabyte’s claim where they stated that their 750W PSU has the OPP range of 825W to 925W whereas the 850W unit has the range of 950-1050W. So, these units shouldn’t reach 140% load for triggering the protection.

This is surely complicated but it must be admitted that the issue is concerning as it poses a serious risk to users’ computers. We strongly recommend not to buy any Gigabyte power supply right now or if you are using one, then it’s advisable to change it as soon as possible.