Intel’s new Alder Lake CPU Core i7 12700K features 12 cores and 20 threads



Earlier today, an Intel processor was spotted on SiSoftware Sandra Database that might be none other than the Intel Alder Lake Core i7 CPU scheduled to release later this year. According to the benchmarking software, the CPU was running on a desktop platform and is a part of the Alder Lake-S segment that is scheduled later this year.

However, there were no details present about its official name but in terms of specification, it is close to Intel’s Core i7 12700K. The CPU features 12 cores, 8 of them is based on Golden Cove, and the remaining 4 based on the Goldmont architecture.

However, there is a crucial fact that most of the software is not updated to recognize the Alder Lake-S hybrid CPU and might cause an inaccurate result with the core and thread count of the CPU. This might be the reason for the chip being identified as 12 core and 24 thread CPU in place of 12 core and 20 threads.

Core i7 12700K

The cache is also distributed in between the cores, the performance cores carry 1.25 MB cache, while the efficiency cores carry 2 MB cache per 4 core cluster. The L3 cache comes with 25MB of cache. The test was conducted on a desktop platform comprising of 16 GB DDR5-4800 (PC76800) memory. However, the performance as of now is definitely not the final ones.

Therefore, the actual performance result will only be revealed after the launch of the product.

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