Graphics cards supply and pricing are reportedly going to be better in 2022

rtx 3000

rtx 3000

If you are among the ones who are waiting to buy a new graphics card for their new PC build, things won’t be as bad as in 2021. There are multiple signals as to why next year shall be much better in terms of GPU availability.

Taiwanese industry service Digitimes reports that things will normalise at the end of 2022. While it is still one year away from now, the pricing and availability shall start to improve in the first half of 2022. However, the pricing can further see an increment in the first quarter but it won’t be like what we saw in 2021 but most likely be similar to the trends reported by

There are a few factors that will help the GPU market to normalise again. Currently, Samsung is the chip manufacturer for Nvidia graphics cards. Winfuture reports that Samsung isn’t going to increase in chips production which is and will be the cause of GPU shortage in the first half of 2022. But as Nvidia is going to get its next-gen GPU chips from TSMC, the chip shortage will start to dwindle.

Right now one of the major causes of this shortage is crypto mining. Most miners are hoarding dozens of GPUs individually and they are ready to pay double-triple GPU prices compared to most PC gamers, most of them who aren’t looking at GPUs as an investment, hindering them from paying sky-high prices.

It is reported that the mining craze may also reduce next year but to me personally, that doesn’t seem to be as strong a factor as reported. This is because there are now multiple routes for miners to generate money all the way from GPUs to now Ryzen CPUs for mining cryptocurrency like Raptoreum for which there are already processors available at a good price.

Still, it is more likely that the GPU shortage is going to end in 2022 which is the need of the hour as PC gaming is on the verge of dying.