Intel Core i9 13900HK Breaks All Laptop Overclocking Records

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The little brother of i9 13900HX is in the news for breaking all the records in overclocking on a laptop. Here I am specifically talking about the i3900HK which is a 14-core CPU but features almost the same clock speeds as the HX edition except that it is very highly overclockable.

Der8auer who is a very popular overclocker went to Intel’s OC lab where he got his hands on a laptop that featured the 13900HK and the RTO software. In the video, he showed the RTO or Real Time Overclocking software that is used by Intel exclusively for their testing.

Intel ROC i9 13900HK

For customers, Intel only offers the XTU program but according to Debauer, the ROC was much easier to use due to the better interface. Through this software, you can see that in the Per-Core Ratio and AVX Offset tab, each core can be seen in the form of a box and you can tweak the clock speed for each core individually or apply the settings for all the cores together.

The same is possible through the Voltage Override tab where you can increase the voltage for individual cores or all the cores at the same time. Der8auer tried overclocking the CPU gradually and in just a few minutes he was able to reach 5.8GHz without crashing even though he was expecting the system to crash at 5.6GHz.

Laptop cooling

But when the clock speeds across all the cores reach 6.0GHz, the system froze. What was amazing is that this overclocking was done without any AIO or nitrogen cooling solution but with a generic CPU air cooler.

Der8auer said that this was the best he could achieve till now because the best he could do previously was achieving 5.6GHz using a dry ice cooling solution. So, the i9 13900HK is definitely a beast in overclocking as going 400MHz on top of the Max turbo boost frequency is not a joke.

Source- Der8auer EN Youtube

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