Intel prepares five graphics cards for gaming, provides codenames

Intel GPU
Intel GPU

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Earlier today Intel has thrown some lights on its upcoming graphics card series. Intel Graphics has posted a tweet that seems to be the upcoming codenames of its Graphics card lineup. Intel Arc discreet graphics cards are yet to be released. But from the tweet, we can see the upcoming possible card lineups in order.

Starting the series we have the Alchemist codenamed GPUs. We can also see in the picture itself about the probable release schedule of it. Next in the line is the Battlemage, followed by Celestial and Druid. The last one is not having a full name. Instead, we can see that it starts with the letter “E”. Even the tweeter description also indicates the same, where the end audience is being asked about its name.

Regarding the name of its last GPU series, most will end up providing some suggestions. Likewise, we also saw a response tween from Raja Koduri claiming it to be E=mc2. We guess we will need to stay tuned for more information on the same.


We have some known ideas about the Alchemist GPU itself. We know that Intel will use the 6nm process from TSMC. Also, we have seen certain leaks about 512 EU and 384 EU configurations as well. However, we don’t have the slightest idea about what is coming after the Alchemist series.