Leaks claim that Battlefield 2042 Tornadoes are not fun

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042

One of the most fantastic moments in the Battlefield 2042 game trailer was the Tornado that pulls everything inside and fans loved it so much as it is another unique levolution that Battlefield fans never saw before.

A famous Battlefield 2042 leaker Tom Henderson, who regularly brings new updates and leaks about the game has posted on Twitter about the Tornadoes we saw in the game trailer and gameplay trailer.

He says that he heard some early feedbacks saying, “they are fun and cool to see for the first few times, but they become very repetitive and ruin the classic BF experience and flow of the map.”

But here is the catch, Tom also said that these feedbacks are from multiple people and dates back months ago until the latest tests. Testing the frequency of spawning of these Tornadoes, it is reported that the frequency could be adjusted so as to not make the gameplay boring and repetitive.

A high frequency of tornado spawning will definitely ruin the flow of the gameplay but if it mixes up with some other levolutions, then it could be more fun. The good thing is that they are testing these levolutions and with the help of feedback, we can get a better game where we no longer end up with the same things going around.

Fans, of course, have mixed reactions to this. Some say that tornadoes shouldn’t exist at all but some compare it to the levolution of the tall building falling on the ground in the Seige of Shanghai map in Battlefield 4. To this date, I never felt the fall of the building repetitive or boring.

Surely, it falls just once but having tornadoes coming from different sides 2-3 times shouldn’t be bad but if more than that, I would call it repetitive.

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