Logitech Prodigy G203 Gaming mouse review

Logitech G203 review

G203/102 an excellent mouse for new gamers!

Logitech launched their new Prodigy line of gaming mice, keyboards and headphones in Feb this year. The new products are focused on performance and features for new gamers as well as pro players. Logitech has had great experience in building excellent mice like the mighty G502, popular G100s, and the recent G303 and now they are launching the ambidextrous G203(aka G102) and G Pro as well as the ergonomic G403.

Today, I will be reviewing the G203 which I’ve had since launch, and as of this writing can be bought off amazon for 1500INR/$39.99. This does not necessarily make it go head to head with the
cheaper gaming mouse on the market but as a potential upgrade from the less popular brands. And competes with other popular products like the Steelseries Rival 100.

So, first off let’s start with what’s in the box. It comes with a fairly modest packaging and a very small box. There is a picture of the mouse itself on the front with its specifications on the back should you need it. The mouse has 2 years warranty and you can register your mouse for the warranty on the Logitech Support website. The mouse comes wrapped in a soft plastic covering
but the packaging is very minimal and not flashy at all except for the outside of the box which looks good. There is just the warranty card inside along with the mouse.

G102 packaging

Logitech G102 1

Logitech G102

The outside packaging looks nice the mouse is a mouse you could even use in an office(with the lights off). The G203 has a 2m rubberized cable which is ample for my use. Logitech claims up to 6000dpi, 10 million clicks on left and right clicks, 16.8 million colors in the form of RGB lighting and 6 programmable buttons, plus the scroll wheel. But more on lighting and buttons later, first let’s look at the mouse exteriors.

The mouse is built solid, no weird noises where they shouldn’t be and moving parts inside. This looks like and feels like a product built to last. The surface is matte plastic all over the mouse, the top is a bit smoother than the sides which have a slightly grainy texture to them. The clicks(right and left) both are separate from the main shell of the mouse which is good. The clicks feel very responsive and make a nice clicking sound both right and left mouse buttons have the same characteristics(force required and clicky feeling) despite some will claim online
that left is a bit harder, I found the left and right to be exactly the same.

Logitech G102 2

Logitech G102 3

All six mouse buttons, including the right and left mouse buttons, the middle mouse button and the 2 buttons on the left side of the mouse (forward and back by default) and the dpi shift button have the same clicky feeling about them(similar actuation distance, force, and sound) only the middle mouse button requires twice as much force. Scrolling on this mouse is accurate and tactile. The only build issue with the G203 is that scrolling up makes some unwanted noise.

Scrolling down is fine and does not have any of this weird noise. Logitech should improve on upscroll, as of now is not as satisfactory as scrolling down on this mouse. Moving onto the side buttons, you won’t press them accidentally, but the downside is that if you use them often your thumb has to essentially leave its position.

Logitech G102 size

This is a performance-oriented mouse and it shows, the build, the clicks, and the scroll is excellent. There is definitely a lack of niceties like rubberized surface or the nice ergonomic shape of a Razer Deathadder. With the G203 Logitech decided to go for a safe bet in terms of mouse shape and size. It has a very simple and well-rounded design and in my experience is very compatible with different types of grips, whether you like to use the Claw, Palm, or Fingertip grips. The mouse weighs around 90 gram which is quite light as well. The cable is flexible and light as well.

I have been using this mouse over my Razer Deathadder since early January and my experience has been great. I mostly play CSGO and found no issues with the mouse. I played on a generic mouse pad before I moved on to Steelseries Heavy mousepad and it went well with both. I noticed it was much more responsive than the Deathadder(2013) and since I prefer claw or fingertip grips the small size works for me. There were some issues I had with my old generic mouse pad, where the cursor would jump to the sky or the floor in-game. This happened twice to me, and I immediately got a new mousepad and so far I can say I did not see the issue again.

The liftoff distance is a bit high on this mouse for my preference. And generally this is not a very comfy mouse to game on for long durations, however, the mouse does come packed chock full of features and is a nice entry level gaming mouse. I would definitely recommend any new gamer to get this mouse but if you are an experienced gamer and you want something that is very high performance, you will want to look somewhere else. This is a budget mouse for budget-oriented gamers and even regular users. Logitech has made a great mouse in the G203.

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