No More Features Update After Windows 10’s 22H2

windows 10 pro

Microsoft released a statement stating that Version 22H2 will be Windows 10 last update, and after that, Microsoft is no longer going to make more Feature updates for this OS.

The blog post says that the feature update 22H2 released last year will continue receiving monthly security updates until October 14, 2025. Anyone still running this OS should update to Windows 11.

Microsoft clearly wants its users to update to Windows 11 as soon as possible because Windows 10 will hit its 10-year lifespan in 2025 and till then the Windows 11 OS will already be mature enough to upgrade to.

Even though Windows 11 had a catastrophic launch in 2021, it has significantly improved since then. And therefore, not only is Microsoft pushing its users to update their OS but the Windows 11 is currently the only OS you can get with the latest PC hardware in both desktop and laptop segments.

So, this leaves users with no choice but to upgrade to Windows 11 before 2025 just like we had to ditch Windows 7 several years ago.