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NZXT S340 vs S340VR Elite

NZXTs most popular case NZXT S340 has two versions:- The normal S340 and the S340VR Elite but what are the differences between the two? Is it only the VR Elite name or are there some noticeable differences that will benefit you or not?

Well, the first S340 was launched in 2014 which is almost now 4 years back but it hasn't got its popularity down since then because of the unique design it provided us with. Two years later the S340VR Elite was launched in 2016 which brought some exterior and interior changes. With that, the cost was increased by $20. Today, I am going to solve your dilemma if you are confused about which case you should buy and if paying $20 more worth it or not.


NZXT S340VR Elite


1. Both are mid-towers with the same dimensions

2. Both have a large transparent side window panel

3. Can support up to 280mm radiators at the front

4. Two slots for 120mm fans: One at the rear and one at the top

5. Have a full-length PSU shroud containing 2x hard drive bays

6. Simple and plain exterior design

7. Have a cable management cover for hiding the cables


NZXT S340 Pros

✅ $20 cheaper than the S340VR Elite

✅ 6 different colour options available

✅ Exclusive Razer theme option available

✅ Two thumbscrews to remove the side panel makes it easy to access the inside

✅ Almost 1Kg lighter than the S340VR Elite


NZXT S340VR Elite Pros

✅ Tempered Glass panel makes it look much better which is also minor-scratch resistant

✅ A pre-included magnetic puck that sticks anywhere on it can be used for headsets/VR headsets

✅ Presence of one more SSD slot at the PSU shroud near the front

✅ Cable straps at the back to tie the cables together

✅ A total of 4 USB ports at the top-front which is 2 more than the standard version

✅ An HDMI port at the top-front for easy VR access


NZXT S340 vs NZXT S340VR Elite- Which one is best for you?

If you look at the pros of NZXT S340VR Elite, they are clearly justified for $20 more. The addition of tempered glass side panel, magnetic puck and an additional SSD bay are a good upgrade from the standard version. For those who want a premium look, S340VR Elite is the way to go unless you want to save as much money as possible, then the standard S340 will be fine.

When taken practically, the tempered glass side panel alone is very essential today because whenever you will clean the normal window panel, it will get scratched easily no matter how much care you will take. Eventually, the case will start to look uglier and will ruin the overall appearance. NZXT S340VR Elite is a perfect choice for $90 because it blends with the latest trend and gives a clean and plain look.




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