World’s first fully modular laptops from Framework are now shipping

World’s first fully modular laptops from Framework are now shipping

The upgrade of components is what differentiates between a Desktop PC and a Laptop. You have so many options to choose from and it’s easier to repair a desktop than a laptop. While there are a few things you can change on a laptop like RAM or Storage drive, how about the keyboard?

Sounds insane right?

The Framework laptop can let you change literally anything you want. It’s even more modular than a custom desktop PC. You can change speakers, webcam, battery, touchpad, and even the expansion ports.

This laptop comes with 4 expansion ports where you can select whatever port you want to. If you want to use all USB Type-A ports, you can. If you want to mix up and use USB Type A, Type C, Display Port, HDMI etc. you can. This is something that you can’t do even on a desktop.

Framework Laptop 2

Framework has announced that it has started shipping the laptops and its first batch of modular laptops are shipping each day following the pre-orders. It says, “We’ll start Batch 2 shipments for August delivery soon after.”

This gets better for those who want to get their laptop repaired or parts swapped as US Federal Trade Commission voted 5-0 for Right to Repair policies.

Framework has a small number of Batch 2 Framework Laptop and Framework Laptop DIY Edition units that are available on sale right now and those who pre-order right now will get their laptops in just 3-4 weeks.

The laptop starts with the configuration having Intel Core i5-1135G7, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD for $999. You can also opt for Core i7-1165G7 Performance or vPro Core i7-1185G7 Professional model starting at $1,399.

Official Framework laptops reviews are already out and reviewers gave a positive response. As said above, Modularity is what distinguishes it from other laptops but it should be noted that the CPU and Motherboard which Framework calls as the Mainboard, can only be changed or swapped through Framework.

Still, it’s way better than throwing away your laptop after a certain period of time as you can’t change the CPU and the motherboard. Framework has done a great job in producing such an amazing product that will help users to get their laptops upgraded or repaired. This will not only save users time but will also help them save some money.

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