Xbox Series S Users Complain of Low VRAM, Series X also Affected

Xbox Series S

At the moment, the problem related to low VRAM is only limited to a few titles but as we progress more in having more intensive titles in the future, this issue is going to expand even further.

And now, this VRAM problem has also reached the gaming consoles and we are not talking about some older ones like PS4 and Xbox One devices but the latest consoles that feature way better specs than the former.

Strangely, as reported by some users, the Xbox Series S console is getting short of enough GPU memory. As posted by a user on Reddit, his Series S console gave a memory error while running Borderlands 3.

This particular error was pretty clear and detailed. It said that the system is Out of Video memory and that the user should make sure that his video card has the minimum required memory.

Reddit Xbox Series S

Apparently, the popping up of this error doesn’t seem right on a console for various reasons, however, this error was pretty much confirmed by multiple users in the comments section.

Mechwarrior 5 More games Multiversus Arcade Mode

According to some, this error occurs all the time with Borderlands 3 and they say that this is actually due to the game itself and not the console. However, some users also reported having the same error in multiple games like Mechwarrior 5, Remnant from the Ashes, and even Multiversus in Arcade Mode.

They say that Series S is suffering from a low memory problem and Series X is not an exception. A possible explanation for this issue is supposedly the memory leakage and most users blame it on the developers who didn’t optimize the game properly to allow the game to use the full system memory.

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