You will need at least an 8th Gen Intel and 2nd gen AMD Ryzen CPU to run Windows 11

windows 11

windows 11

Windows 11 is getting closer to the launch and should be officially released at the end of the year or the starting of 2022. Microsoft has said that the new Windows will be a free upgrade for those who own Windows 10 operating system and the new OS can be downloaded through Windows update.

The important question is what are the requirements to run this Window? Microsoft has released the list of all the processors both of Intel and AMD from where you can see if your PC is eligible to run the new OS.

According to Microsoft, you will need at least an Intel’s 8th Gen CPU or AMD’s Ryzen 2nd gen or 2000 series processors to run Windows 11. Intel although stated earlier that users will need a CPU with 2 cores or higher but it was unclear whether Windows 11 can run on older hardware.

So, technically, Windows 11 won’t support anything less than the listed processors although it is reported that it means you will not get any support from Microsoft if you encounter any problems with the older hardware and therefore, you can run it on even older processors.

It is clear when we see how the leaked build is able to run on older hardware and with that users will also need at least 4GB RAM and at least 64GB of storage capacity.