MicroCenter said AMD GPUs need modification, apologizes later

AMD Radeon

There are many instances where a little overlook in terms of quality leads to a bigger problem. This is what happened with Micro Center.

Yesterday, a post made by Micro Center created a lot of fuss where they took the side of Nvidia and conclude that: “Typically AMD graphics cards are more affordable but can require some modification or regular maintenance to keep working at intended. On the other hand, Nvidia graphics cards function much like video game consoles and essentially work in a plug and play fashion.”

The full detail of that particular post was tweeted by @MeyerRants.

Micro Center, being a retailer that handles products of both the teams shouldn’t have posted such a controversial topic.

And as expected, soon the CEO of Micro Center posted an apology note on their website explaining that the post was made without being rechecked.

Most AMD users will agree to the terms mentioned in that note. The post was definitely written by someone who has some partiality towards the green team.

But it is really good to see that Micro Center took the necessary steps to quickly vent out the issue without letting it escalate.