3 Go To Ways You Can Monetize Your Gaming Hobby

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile
Video games are one of the top past times amongst Americans. Each year, millions of gamers eagerly anticipate the year’s gaming releases. Around 164 million adults have a video game hobby, according to a recent study by Entertainment Software Association. That is 65 percent of the adult population and 75 percent of American households that have at least one gamer in their home. Besides the immersive experience and escapism video gaming can provide to players, it is also turning out to be a great way to earn money. In fact, Shopify listed gaming as its Number 2 choice in its list of hobbies you can make money from. Here are a few ideas that can help you turn your favourite hobby into a successful income stream.

Launch A Gaming Subscription Package

The subscription box trend has exploded in recent years.  Recent estimates from Fuel by McKinsey put the value of the subscription e-commerce market at a staggering $10 billion, and it seems that every industry wants to be a part of its success. Ranging from fresh food to beauty products and global sweets, consumers love the convenience and novelty of having a subscription service. This is great if you are looking for a home-based business option, and it’s easy to get started since you already have the knowledge of the industry. You may need to think of the business side of things before launching, however, like doing your market research so you can identify any unfilled need in the market or securing the appropriate business insurance for your new home-operated business.

Most gaming subscription boxes on the market include branded merchandise such as uniquely designed apparel and artwork, along with the included video game. However, it is completely up to you how you design your subscription box. Some ideas include a quarterly subscription box with the latest video game release, retro-themed boxes or a specially curated box with the highest-ranking video games or some of the classics, building on the branding of the video franchise.

Sign Up To Get Paid To Test Gaming

Video gaming testers (also known as quality assurance testers) have been around for years, so it is definitely not a new trend. However, it is one that has remained strong, thanks to the building popularity of video games. Keep in mind that this position is not just about playing the game. Developers expect you to identify any codes or sequences that do not work. In short, you are looking for potential bugs in the game so they are able to develop a bug fix (think of the regular updates your mobile apps go through and the message on what bug fixes are included).
Because you will be communicating with developers and preparing bug reports, you need to have top-notch communication skills and be good at working with deadlines. Being very detail-oriented is essential to being able to pinpoint tiny details.

Since most QA jobs are classified as entry-level positions, having formal training or a college degree is often optional. However, keep in mind there are many aspects of being a quality assurance tester, and functionality testing is just a small part of it. After drafting your resume for the gaming industry, head online to websites such as Indeed or

Become A Video Game Reviewer

Another option for monetizing your video gaming hobby is through game reviews and ads. This requires building up a large following to earn substantial profits and the creation of an online presence on platforms such as Youtube, Gamespot and Twitch. Over 15 percent of Youtube content is gaming related, so there is substantial potential here. To become a Youtube gamer, you need to first identify your niche, target audience and the kind of content your viewers want to see. Walkthrough, Live Streams and Lets Plays are some of the more popular gaming categories. You will also need to invest in the appropriate tools such as a video camera, paid subscription to the gaming platform and video editing software.

Gaming is more than a popular pastime. It is quickly becoming a great way to earn money while doing something you enjoy and sharing your gaming expertise with others.


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