AMD Radeon 780M hardly Surpasses 680M on Rembrandt APUs

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There is no doubt that AMD is king when it comes to integrated graphics and whether you are using an AMD APU on your desktop or laptop, it always surpasses CPUs from Intel.

The new Ryzen 6000 mobile processors also known as Rembrandt APUs are currently dominating with its RDNA 2-based iGPUs giving good competition to older budget GPUs like the GTX 1050 Ti.

With this much improvement in iGPUs especially in laptops, I was hoping that the next-gen iGPUs would destroy the current budget GPUs. I think this might not go the way we wanted because a benchmark of one of the upcoming flagship laptop APUs was recently leaked and the numbers do not look that impressive.

The user Golden Pig posted some screenshots on Bilibili forum that show us the 3DMark Timespy score of this new mobile APU.

Radeon 780M at 64W

Radeon 780M at 64W 

Radeon 780M at 25W

Radeon 780M at 25W

It is the Ryzen 7940HS with Radeon 780M iGPU and according to the user’s statement, he tested it with its max TDP of 64W as well as on a locked TDP of 25W. The results show that the graphics score of 780M at 64W is 2791 while at 25W, it decreases by 12% to 2486.

The 780M might look impressive at such a low TDP but for reference, if we take the numbers of some budget GPUs, the 780M is not that far away from a 1050 Ti. Worse, it is almost equivalent to the 680M that gets a score of 2732 with the Ryzen 6900HS.

This means that theoretically, the 780M won’t be even as good as GTX 1650 and you could probably play games on only medium settings at 1080p. However, I believe that the iGPU is looking absolutely fine if you would want to save some significant power consumption because, at nearly 156% less power, the iGPU still delivers impressive results.

Still, when we look at 680M, the 780M should have done better, and considering that the leaked benchmark was with the flagship mobile APU, we have to be disappointed.

Source: Bilibili


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