EA Cancels the new Singleplayer Game set in Apex/Titanfall Universe

Apex Legends

EA has reportedly canceled the rumored singleplayer Apex Legends which was in development. This cancellation is, however, different from the ending of the already popular Apex Legends Mobile which will operate for 90 days more.

Not everyone heard of it as this title was not openly discussed by EA or Respawn Entertainment but a lot of evidence from 2021 and 2022 pointed out that the new singleplayer game was indeed in the making.

The report comes from Bloomberg which cites three different sources for this reaching this conclusion. This new game was not just another title succeeding Apex Legends but was set in a shared Apex/Titanfall universe.

This game was codenamed Titanfall Legends as per the report and was being directed by the former Creative Director of Respawn Entertainment, Mohammad Alavi.

It is also clearly mentioned in his LinkedIn profile that he worked as a Creative Director for 11 months on a brand new singleplayer adventure which he once teased on Twitter in 2021. He also posted job links there and Bloomberg reports that there were 50 people working on the game when it was shut down.

Now fans were excited because now they had hopes for this new game as it would give them Titanfall vibes but this last hope was also buried with the cancellation of this project.

Till now, three games have been canceled two of which are already alive that include Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile. The latter is in its Beta version since 8th November last year. Instead of finding a solution to fix the gameplay and other quality issues, EA seems to be giving up on these projects.

Source: Bloomberg

Via: PCGamer

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