Intel to Feature Xe2 LPG and HPG architectures on Dedicated and Integrated GPUs

intel arc gpu

Intel’s ARC Alchemist GPUs demand remains very low despite the effort Intel is making to make them more affordable. The most obvious reasons include poor driver support and inferior performance to the already existing GPU giants.

Even though Intel is climbing slowly with numerous driver updates and GPU price reductions, it knows that the Alchemist-based ARC GPUs are just the starting.

Intel is also working on the next-gen Battlemage GPUs which are supposedly going to be split between discrete and integrated solutions. In a recent interview with HardwareLuxx, Intel’s fellow Tom Petersen confirmed the new Xe2 architecture which will be split between the LPG and HPG solutions.

intel arc a750

So, just like the Alchemist GPUs, we are going to see low-performance and high-performance graphics GPUs where the low performance of the Xe2-LPG will be embedded into one of the next-gen CPUs while the Xe2 HPG architecture will power the Battlemage discrete graphics cards.

It should be kept in mind that the Xe2 LPG is unlikely to come on the Meteor Lake CPUs which are the first to come with a chiplet design featuring a dedicated GFX chip on the processor itself. So, the Xe2 LPG is most likely going to be available on Intel’s Lunar Lake processors.

We currently don’t have any information about how good Intel’s iGPUs will perform but it is highly unlikely that they are going to beat AMD’s latest desktop and mobile iGPUs.

Source: HardwareLuxx

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