Intel Solves the ARC Control Overlay Problem with the new Update

intel arc overlay

Intel ARC Control app was almost useless to anybody as it hardly provided any benefit to users. Moreover, the overlay was a painful thing to deal with since it was too buggy to handle.

Users were facing problems that included frequent system hangs and random game crashes and there was no way of disabling the overlay as it was an inbuilt feature of the ARC Control App.

Intel today has successfully fixed the problem with its recent 4091 driver update which is available to download from Intel’s official driver page.

After this new update, Arc Control is not just an overlay app but can be configured according to users’ needs. With this update, Intel ARC can now support a standalone desktop mode, which should eliminate many issues the app had previously.

ARC control app modes

The Arc Control overlay had serious issues like freezes, game crashes, artifacts, and problems turning on. Apparently, all of these issues have been fixed with the latest update. Moreover, users can now choose between three options in the Window mode that allows disabling the game overlay or even disabling the desktop mode.

The Arc Control has a lot more issues than the overlay alone and users are often complaining about the driver being not able to update to the latest version automatically despite changing the settings.

There is still more room for improvements in the drivers but Intel is looking pretty active in eliminating the major issues that affect the gaming performance. A few weeks back, the company released a major update that enhanced older titles based on the DirectX9 API and is apparently preparing another major update that will enhance the ARC GPUs performance even more.

Via: Videocardz

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