We might see a New ARC GPU from Intel while it works on a Major Driver update

intel arc gpu

Since Intel launched its ARC A380 and the A770, their sales have been very low compared to Team Blue and Green. This is mostly due to the poor driver support which has caused so many issues with the performance.

However, Intel is constantly improving its GPU drivers so that more titles can benefit from the ARC lineup.

As reported by PC Games Hardware, Intel is also working on a major driver update that will supposedly fix the most crucial problem.

As reported by the source,

“we have heard from well-informed circles, Intel is currently preparing a major driver update that is intended to increase performance across the board – apparently one of the undoubtedly existing brakes has been identified and eliminated.”

This can significantly change things in favor of Intel because ARC GPUs need to be optimized for the DirectX9 API for older games. Currently, poor driver support is one of the primary reasons why users still prefer Nvidia and AMD but if everything goes in the right direction, we could see Intel coming as a powerful GPU maker soon.

However, Intel still needs to make enough GPUs to fulfill the demands as there are only one or two AIBs that are making Intel GPUs right now. With only two ARC GPUs in the market, Intel also needs to release its mid-range option which is the ARC A580, and the rumored GPU that was recently reported by Komachi Ensaka.

A550 specs compubench

As per the leak, the new ARC GPU was seen on Compubench which is assumed to be the ARC A550 as its specs fall between the A380 and A580. With 256 Compute Units and 16 Xe Cores, it makes sense to assume that it is the A550 but it is still not 100% confirmed.

We cannot say for sure if this is definitely the A550 but let’s hope it is because this will give us more options to choose from at a time when there are not enough GPUs in the price range of $200-$300.

Source: PCGamesHardware