ASRock DeskMini Max PC provides four PCI-E slot space for GPU and peripherals

DeskMini Max

DeskMini Max

ASRock recently announced its brand new DeskMini Max PC that features a compact case with 10 litres of capacity. This PC is configurable and can support a lot of components at the same time making it an ideal solution for areas where space is less. The PC features dimensions as 168(W) x 220.8(D) x 268(H) mm excluding the Protrusions.

DeskMini MAX PC can support all the Ryzen CPUs and APUs including the latest ones and up to 128GB of ECC memory. It can equip even a 120mm AIO cooler and up to 200mm length VGA card. Moreover, users can install 5.25″ ODD, 3.5″ HDDs as well as 2.5″ SSDs without any problem.

But it is important to know how many components can be installed at the same time. ASRock has listed four different types of configuration as following:-

DeskMini Max Configuration

The PC comes with 4 PCI-E slot space if users want to install a graphics card and a radiator at the same time. All of these are powered by a 500 watts 80 Plus Bronze rated power supply that comes with custom length cables and is ideal for gaming, office work or entertainment.

At the I/O, it is equipped with up to 9 USB ports and on the inside, users will get a single M.2 connectors, 2x SATA ports and Type C header for charging mobile phones from the front panel Type C port.

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