Here are the ASRock motherboards that will support Windows 11

ASRock Windows 11 compatible motherboards

ASRock today announced the list of its motherboards that will support Windows 11. As you know, TPM 2.0 is required for running Windows 11 and TPM 2.0 verification can be passed by firmware TPM (PTT on Intel platform; fTPM on AMD platform) built-in BIOS.

This means that TPM 2.0 hardware module is not necessary for Windows 11. For users who are using ASRock motherboards, they can enable PTT and fTPM from Bios to enable their hardware to use Windows 11. The motherboards list contain both AMD and Intel motherboards that can enable these settings for Windows 11.

Here are the two methods-

Enable Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT) in BIOS
(a) Go to “Security page” to find the “Intel Platform Trust Technology” option.
(b) Enabled “Intel Platform Trust Technology” under UEFI BIOS

Intel PTT

Enable fTPM in BIOS
(a) Go to “Advanced” \ “CPU Configuration” page to find [AMD fTPM switch].
(b) Adjust “AMD fTPM switch” option to [AMD CPU fTPM].


Intel Motherboard Support List

Generation Supported Chipset
Intel 100 series Z170, H170, B150, H110
Intel 200 series Z270, H270, B250
Intel 300 series Z390, Z370, H370, B360, B365, H310, H310C
Intel 400 series Z490, H470, B460, H410
Intel 500 series Z590, B560, H510, H570
Intel X299 series X299

Actual support for 100 and 200 series may vary

AMD Motherboard Support List

Generation Supported Chipset
AM4 300 series X399, X370, B350, A320
AM4 400 series X470, B450
AM4 500 series X570, B550, A520
TRX40 series TRX40

Actual support for 300 and 400 series may vary


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