Ubisoft Developing a New Far Cry Game is in Rumors

Ubisoft Developing a New Far Cry Game is in Rumors

Far Cry has been an excellent franchise since the original came out in 2004. With over a dozen games in the franchise for different platforms, it’s no surprise that Ubisoft could be working on a new game called Far Cry 7.

According to a new report, Ubisoft is supposedly working on a new Far Cry game but this time it is also developing a multiplayer edition.

As reported by Insider Gaming, Ubisoft is currently developing Far Cry 7 as well as a multiplayer-only title. In the early stages, they were both a single game under Project Talisker but now they are both different games on their own.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 7 now falls under Project Blackbird and the multiplayer edition is developed under Project Maverick. It could be the case that initially Ubisoft planned to launch a single game with a multiplayer mode just like we have in Call of Duty and Battlefield franchise but later due to some issues, they were separated.

While there is little to no info about these games, we still got some insights from two sources that wanted to stay anonymous. It is said that the games are set in the Alaskan wilderness and some of the screenshots shared with Insider gaming exclusively show lootable chests, extraction zones, and some more stuff that Insider gaming couldn’t show due to the sources’ request.

Please take this information with a grain of salt as it is still a rumor and Ubisoft is not interested in commenting on such speculations.

Even though this rumor could be completely true, we are still far from seeing this game as it will not launch before 2025.

Source: InsiderGaming