Get Metro Exodus with the Humble Choice this May

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus

Every month Humble Choice brings a collection of games that you can play if you have one of the three Humble Choice plans. The most awesome is the Premium plan which right now is available for $12 a month and with the May package, you will get 12 games to own forever.

This time Metro Exodus has been included in the list which you can own forever after you subscribe for the Premium plan. It’s an action shooter genre game that is a sequel to the Metro Last Light Redux where you have to take your journey to the post-apocalyptic Russian wilderness. It’s definitely one of the most fascinating shooter game that is horrifying in its own way.

The other 11 games include mostly indie, action and adventure games that are also fun to play. These include Darksiders Genesis, Hellpoint, Relicta, Morkredd and more. If you wish to spend even less then Humble Bundle has two other cheaper plans: Trove Access starting at $4.99 and Basic starting at $14.99. These, however, won’t get you 12 games and won’t let you keep the games forever.

The plan generally costs $19.99 per month with 9 games per month but for this month, you will have a special offer that gives you more game for less price. Also, you can cancel the subscription in any month if you don’t want to continue. So, definitely, the Premium one is the way to go.

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