Intel partially fixes high GPU power consumption for multi-monitor setup

intel arc a750

So far Intel is seen to be fixing a lot of problems in its GPU drivers which were pretty bad a few months ago. One of the most important fixes was to lower the idle power consumption of ARC GPUs that were consistently consuming 40+ watts with no load whatsoever.

Even though Intel provided some steps to fix the problem last year, the problem of higher GPU usage still remained a problem with the multi-monitor setup which is quite normal but it should have been a little lower. Thankfully, Intel has fixed the problem with its latest 4146 driver which should do better this time.

It does not fix the problem 100% across all monitors but with this driver update, you can now at least bring down the power consumption significantly if you are using dual monitors with resolutions including 2440x1080p and 1600x900p simultaneously.

With the previous driver versions, the ARC GPUs would easily consume 40W but with the latest one, the power consumption comes down to less than 10W which is impressive. I think Intel needs to work on bigger resolutions here because most dual or triple monitor setups use at least dual 1080p monitors which are not covered under this fix.

Moreover, you also have to consider the refresh rate of the monitors because this update does not fix high power consumption issues if your monitor has a refresh rate higher than 60Hz. Note that Intel GPUs are not the only ones that are facing high power consumption issues in an idle state but this problem is supposedly also there with Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. The only difference is that those GPUs are somewhat better on higher resolutions but I think Intel is not that far away.

Source: Videocardz

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