LHR graphics cards hit the market and prices get a little better in India

Aorus store Nehru Place

A few weeks back, the situation was worse. However, from the last 10 days, things are getting under control and I want you to still wait till the prices get even lower because no one should pay even 1.5X the MSRP.

India’s Nehru place market is very well known as it’s the biggest market that hosts almost every brand and PC related product. Two weeks ago, when a Youtuber named Aditya Bhati went to check the graphics cards availability and pricing on different shops there, most shops had an adequate amount of graphics cards from GTX 16 series up to RTX 30 series.

However, these were overpriced as you would expect. Aditya went again on 18th June to check out the latest prices and things look better than before. Not only the prices are now lower but some shops are soon going to get the latest LHR graphics cards.

Aorus store Nehru Place, 18th June

The price reduction is not that great and it won’t be in just two weeks. The price of RTX 3060 GPUs that were around INR 75,000 on most stores was now around INR 70,000. This was the price at which Aorus Computer Laptop Store was selling the RTX 3060 GPU.

Now the stores are also ready for the LHR editions which will be coming in a couple of days there and it is reported that the price of RTX 3060 LHR will be around INR 65,000 but in Mumbai, a store named Right Solutions is already selling the RTX 3060 LHR for INR 55,000 and 58,000. This is at least a 20% reduction in price and miners would likely not buy the LHR graphics cards due to the low hash rate.

Right Solutions Mumbai

Right Solutions Mumbai, 20th June

RTX 3070 LHR graphics cards are said to cost INR 11,0000-11,5000 in Nehru place while Right Solutions in Mumbai is already selling them at INR 99,000 and the Gigabyte RTX 3070 at Aorus Nehru Place is going to sell it for INR 95000.

The reasons for the shortage

We heard about scalpers, miners and greedy distributors to be the main cause of the high GPU prices. They are definitely the reasons, but Digital Ocean’s owner reported something different. He said that there is a shortage due to insufficient chipset manufacturing because of lockdown in India and that the distributors and resellers aren’t increasing the prices.

Now that the lockdown has ended in the capital and several parts of the country, graphics cards should come to the stores in more quantity than before. According to the owner, every RTX 30 series graphics cards that will come after June will feature LHR and hence, pricing will be better than what it is right now.