Long lines for RTX 3080 Ti at Bakersfield


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We have already witnessed the high demand for GPUs compared to their availability. Along with the demand, we have seen some of the units that were being sold 3x more price than their MSRP. The reason for such issues is the fact that the chips are not available as compared to the increasing demand.

In such a scenario, Nvidia recently announced their RTX 3080 Ti, and it caused a huge rush for the gamers who aim at getting the best of the best. There has been news that many persons camped overnight in order to get their hands on the latest card.

It has been reported that store employees were distributing tickets to those standing in the queue. Having a ticket will ensure that one will be able to get the card for sure.

Another reason for having such high demands of cards at the market is due to the miners. Even during its last sale, it was seen that many used bots to get the cards as soon as they were made available on the site. As a result, the price is already skyrocketing and very few were able to buy the latest cards.

It is not necessary for everyone to have the latest card at their disposal, but the fact is the old decent ones are being out of stock or getting sold at 3x price has also led to this kind of scenario.

The craziness has spread so much that now people out there who wanted to get their hands on the latest card are camping or waiting on gaming chairs out in the street near the shop. But my question is, does it really that worthy???