Something big is coming, says AMD

Radeon Pro

Recently AMD has released its new RX 6000M series GPU along with two APUs. But there is a video that has again stirred the internet. On their Twitter account, AMD recently posted a video that resembles their Radeon series GPU.

From the teaser, it is quite clear that we will be seeing AMD revealing the latest Radeon PRO GPU unit. However, before the teaser, there were few leaks and even the details were specified by Geekbench 5. In the teaser, we saw the upcoming unit that comes with a colour combination of blue and white that is a typical combination of workstation GPUs from Radeon. Furthermore, we can see that the unit has 6 ports for display.

It is expected that the upcoming workstation GPU unit won’t be featuring the latest RDNA2 architecture. Since it takes some amount of time to introduce new features to the enterprise-grade product due to the software compatibility.

The detailed specifications are not clear yet, but according to the previous leaks, the new GPU unit will be coming with a Navi 21 graphics processing unit and 32GB of GDDR6 memory, and 5120 stream processors. However, we will see the detailed specification on the 8th of June.

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