Intel’s new Xe gaming GPU is ready and we might see it this year

intel DG2

intel DG2

Over the past couple of years, many of us already heard about the “soon to be released” discreet GPU from Intel. Even I wrote about this back in the year 2018 when Intel fast confirmed it.

Intel over these years has been constantly giving us glimpses of their upcoming discreet GPU unit. There has been numerous occasion when they gave us small hints about its progress especially a few weeks ago when Intel’s Game Developer Relations Engineer said that the new GPUs are around the corner.

Recently, Raja Koduri, Chief architect and SVP of Intel’s architecture, graphics and software division, posted an image of a chip that bears the tag line of Intel Xe-HPG (DG2).

He is referring to the chip as a real candy and we can see there are some writings on it. The “B0” stepping refers that the hardware might be completed. The 512 EU is going to be the top-of-the-line chips in the entire DG2 chips that use the Xe-HPG architecture.

However, we don’t have any detailed specifications available about how these GPU units from Intel will perform compared to that of the GPUs from Nvidia and AMD. According to PCGamer, we can say the EUs can run up to 8 floating-point operations/ clock, and therefore it is supposed to have a similar core count of 4096 cores. Therefore, it is quite certain that they will provide decent competition in the GPU market.

The upcoming discreet GPU units from Intel will be up against the Nvidia RTX 3070 or the RTX 3080. This might not be the best we expected from Intel but, it is quite good for a new step in the world of GPUs.

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