Meteor Lake to be Faster Than Phoenix for the Same Power Consumption

Meteor Lake to be Faster Than Phoenix for the Same Power Consumption

There is no debate about AMD being superior in having significantly more powerful APUs that deliver performance as good as some sub $200 budget graphics card but it looks like Intel is about to catch AMD very soon, thanks to the Meteor Lake CPUs that are planned to launch at the end of this year.

The original leak comes from Moore’s Law is Dead who has got most of his leaks accurate and according to his sources, an AMD internal Presentation shows that Meteor Lake laptops rated at 45W are closer to Phoenix laptops featuring 6 Work Group Processors RDNA 3 iGPU rated at 45W.

However, MLID says that as per the benchmarks he saw, the correct position of the laptop Meteor Lake with an iGPU having 128 Execution units is between Phoenix and Strix Point. This makes it equivalent to a laptop GTX 1650 Ti that is already a decent budget GPU for 1080p gaming.

What is more interesting is that as per Intel, the Meteor Lake laptops are going to offer almost double battery life compared to what it would feature with an equivalent powerful discrete GPU on a significantly higher TDP.

mtl iGPU

So, in a nutshell not only AMD but Intel is also going to compete in the budget and mid-range gaming laptop market where they will no longer use discrete graphics cards as their iGPUs will be sufficient for gaming on a much lower power consumption.

Meteor Lake is supposedly the first SoC chip from Intel that is going to feature 4 tiles above the base die where the GPU die will be using the Xe-LPG Alchemist architecture and it is already established from various reports that this lineup will most likely be launched for both laptop and desktop.

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