No signs of graphics cards price reduction, likely to retain like this for a long time

AMD Radeon

AMD Radeon

In the past few months, we have seen the downward pricing curve of GPUs. However, the pricing curve started to rise again. We have already reported against the same few days back. But this time with the new wave of crypto along with the global shortage of chips has led to the increase of the pricing of GPUs to a higher extent.

Thanks to for keeping an eye on the price curve and keeping us up-to-date with the current pricing. As per their previous report, AMD Radeon GPUs were at 74% over their MSRP and Nvidia was at 70% over their MSRP. This report was from last month. And as of now, compared to what the price was back in September, Nvidia gained a 2% rise in its MSRP and AMD gained a 9% rise in its MSRP.

This ongoing upward curve in pricing puts the price of GPUs at the highest mark in the last six months. And as things are going now, it is to expect that price won’t be coming down soon. Not only this there are few cards like the AMD Radeon RX 6800 (Non-XT) that one can’t find even in the market.

We can only hope that things will settle by the later part of 2022. Till then it might remain the same or even increase.

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