Nvidia likely to launch RTX 3090 Super this year

RTX 3090

RTX 3090

It has been a while since the RTX 30 series graphics cards were launched and unfortunately, a big part of the PC gaming community couldn’t get their favourite GPUs till now. Nvidia’s RTX 3090 is currently the champ of this series and being a destroyer at 4K, it is the most incredible gaming card one can buy now.

However, Nvidia might be deciding to launch even a faster card than RTX 3090. As the leak suggests, you could see RTX 3090 Super this year. Popular leakers @Kopite7kimi and @Greymon55 tweeted about this new beastly card but did add uncertainty about its launch.

The RTX 3090 Super will use the GA102-350-A1 GPU and feature 10752 Cuda Cores. Compared to the RTX 3090, this is only 256 Cuda Cores increase but its memory speed is unlocked to 21Gbps which is noticeably higher than the 19.5Gbps on RTX 3090. This should unlock some decent performance but it would not be too much to see RTX 3090 Super as a revolutionary card.

The bad thing about this card, however, is its TGP which is said to exceed 450W. RTX 3090 FE consumes a max TGP of only 350W. 100W more power consumption is a lot. It was previously reported that the Ada Lovelace flagship cards are going to consume 450W+ and seeing RTX 3090 Super consume this much power does make it sensible to see next-gen GPUs to consume even more power.

While Nvidia is keen on releasing new graphics cards, there is still nothing for the gamers here. The situation is not getting any better and no matter how many graphics cards Nvidia or AMD launches, unless gamers can get their hands on GPUs at MSRP, watching new graphics cards launch is unexciting.

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