Is Speaker An Input Or Output Device? Explained

Speaker input or output device
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A Speaker is an Output device

Every computer component or device has a unique way of working and most of these work in a way that converts the signal or transmits the signal from one place to another.

A computer setup can feature several devices like a keyboard, mouse, monitor, scanner, printer, speakers, and headphones, each having its own method of work and communication with the computer in order to make the signals understandable by either the computer or the user.

In this post, we will see what type of device a Speaker is. As most computer components or devices are categorized either as input or output devices, a speaker can also be categorized into such categories, and the best way to find it is to understand how it works.

What Is A Speaker?


A Speaker is an electronic device or transducer that converts sound signals into sound waves. A speaker converts an electrical audio signal into a sound signal for humans.

It is generally connected to a computer, laptop, or a portable device using USB, a 3.5mm Audio jack, or wirelessly through Bluetooth.

While speakers have existed for several decades, they have evolved with each generation bringing increased audio quality and crispier sound that is more enjoyable.

A speaker is needed to hear audio from audio/video files or notifications on a computer that can’t be transmitted from any other device in sound signals.

Is Speaker An Input Or Output Device?

As a speaker converts the digital audio signals into sound waves, it is considered as an Output Device. When the computer runs an audio file or a video file with audio signals, the signals are processed into the required format by the processor and sent to the speakers.

These digital signals can reach the speakers through a wire or wireless connection such as Bluetooth. When the connection is wired, the speakers are generally connected to the 3.5mm audio jack or a USB port on the motherboard.

A motherboard has a dedicated I/O circuitry that is responsible for sending and receiving digital signals from the user to the computer or vice-versa. Once, the signals are processed, they are sent to the speakers which have components that convert the digital signals into sound waves.

This is generally achieved through a magnetic coil that moves rapidly back and forth. The coil is attached to a diaphragm which is in contact with the air and when the diaphragm vibrates in response to the magnetic coil, sound waves are generated.

Output Devices And Their Working

speakers frequency


Output devices are those that convert digital or electrical signals from the computer into a human-comprehendible format. These signals are generally in the form of pictorial or sound waves.

Once an input device gets input from the user, the instruction is registered into the computer. The processor then executes the command and sends the signals to the required output device.

Good examples of output devices are monitors, printers, and speakers. Monitors show the output in a digital and pictorial format. The printer gives a hard copy by converting the digital text or image from a computer to paper.

Speakers provide sound waves that fall into the human audible spectrum(20Hz to 20kHz) which is between 45 to 20kHz.


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