How To Fix Steam Achievement Manager Not Working?

SAM not working

Steam Achievement Manager is an open-source program that allows you to unlock Steam games’ achievements.

It’s a fantastic program to unlock several or all achievements of literally any game that is available on your Steam library without needing you to grind for hours.

While it’s not affiliated or associated with the official Steam client, Steam hasn’t banned anyone from using this software.

If you are using this program and suddenly you are not able to unlock your achievements, follow the guide to solve the issue step by step.

How Does Steam Achievement Manager Works?

Steam Achievement Manager or SAM has a dedicated server from where it pulls the games list from.

Typically, when you install SAM on your computer while your Steam client is running and online, it automatically retrieves all the games from your library.

However, if you see a blank SAM window, that means SAM is not able to pull the games from the server.

This generally means that the server is down and sometimes you may see a few games in the window while others are not.

How To Make Steam Achievement Manager Work Properly?

In case SAM is not retrieving your games from your library, you can add them manually.  It is important that you own the games you are going to add and your Steam client should be up and online. 

This works 100% of the time and requires some manual steps that can be done in under a minute.

-> Go to and search for your game.

-> Copy the game ID. For instance, I want to add Tekken 7, so, I will copy the ID which is a 6-digit number as shown below-

tekken 7 game id

-> Open SAM and at the top, you will find a search bar beside “Refresh Games”. Enter the APP ID there and click on “Add Game”.

app id in sam

SAM will not add the game in the window as you can see below. Now you can unlock or lock the achievements as you like.

Tekken 7 sam

Update The SAM App

If the method above didn’t work, this may mean that the API is not working and maybe the SAM app you are using currently is out of date.

The creator of the app releases new versions of Steam Achievement Manager on GitHub. Check on the site for a new update and download the latest SAM version.

Final Words

To ensure Steam Achievement Manager works properly, you should have Steam running online and must own the game you want to add. If the server is not down, you can pull the game manually by getting the app ID as shown above.


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