AMD pulls more revenue in Q3 2021 than the whole 2016



AMD and Intel are always in constant rivalry when it comes to Processors. Intel has dominated the market for quite a while. However, a few years back things started to change drastically. With the introduction of AMD’s Zen architecture-based Ryzen processors, AMD was able to turn the tide of the long competition.

However, what is more, amazing is the difference in the revenue earning of AMD. In the third quarter of 2021 itself, AMD pulled a revenue of $4.3B. It is a 54% jump in result considering what they pulled off last year’s Q3. And with that, AMD is now pulling more revenue in a single quarter than they pulled in a year in the past.

Amd revenue


AMD is not only bound to CPUs alone. It also indulges in manufacturing GPUs, Servers as well as Enterprise-grade products. And accumulating all the revenue gained during this year is way up than what was in the past year.

Furthermore, AMD is scheduled to hold AMD Accelerated Data Center Premiere event incoming November 8. Therefore, AMD is not providing any information in advance ahead of the scheduled event. AMD aims to pull a revenue of  $4.5B (+/- $100M) alone in Q4. They are also projecting a 49.5% gross margin for Q4. And with that AMD’s full-year 2021 projection now stands at a 65% year-over-year increase in revenue. It is around 5 % points higher than the original analysis of Q2.


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