AMD Rembrandt and Phoenix APUs might come to AM5 Platform

ryzen 7040

AMD wasn’t looking interested in releasing desktop APUs in the Raphael lineup like we used to have in the previous generations. But this might change very soon because according to the latest leaks, it is said that AMD is supposedly working on bringing both Rembrandt and Phoenix APUs to the desktop.

Both these lineups are laptop exclusive but if you remember the Gigabyte ransomware attack last year, a lot of data was leaked online among which a new table was recently discovered by HXL who is a well-known hardware leaker on Twitter.

The table shows three different types of AM5 compatible processors where each Type has a unique CPU ID. The Model 60h-6Fh denotes the Raphael Desktop CPUs because its CPU ID is A60F12. Moreover, it is clear from the number of PCI-E lanes mentioned in the same column that it is indeed the desktop Ryzen 7000 lineup.

The other two include the 40H-4Fh which indicates the Rembrandt series which has the CPU ID A40F41 and the other one is the 70H-7FH which likely indicates that it is the Phoenix lineup with the CPU ID A70F41, designed for ultra-thin gaming laptops.


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If what we are seeing in this table comes true, then this is actually great news for a lot of gamers because a big portion of the gaming community has been waiting for more powerful AMD APUs that would take the advantage of the crazy speeds of DDR5 memories.

If you remember, Phoenix CPUs feature Radeon 780M iGPU which outperformed the previous 680M present on Rembrandt CPUs by 25%. This means that if we can get a processor like the Ryzen 7840 or 7940HS on a desktop, it will be very much possible to play games at 1080p high settings without a discrete GPU.

Right now we still await the official announcement from AMD, so, you should still consider this leak with a grain of salt.

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